It is our pleasure to welcome you to Imagine lab based in Graduate School of Technology and Innovation Management (MOT), Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea. Technology Design research and education at Imagine Lab is a flagship in management of technology and design fields. We closely collaborate with researchers and faculty from various disciplines including Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Arts, Sociology, and Psychology.

Our research interests widely range from Human-Computer Interaction, cognitive informatics, design-driven innovation.

We welcome inquiries and applications from potential students or rising researchers with an interest in Industrial Engineering, Psychology, Computer Science, Industrial Design, or Art-technology.

We hope you take your great potential to the Lab.


<b>Hokyoung Ryu</b>
Hokyoung RyuAssociate Professor
Research Interest :
Cognitive Information Design, New Product Development, New Service Development, Learning Technology, Game-based Learning, Medical HCI
<b>Jieun Kim</b>
Jieun KimAssistant Professor
Research Interest :
STEAM Education, Tactile interaction, Design thinking & management, Behaviour economics in Experience, Applied Creativity, Measuring UX, Product-Service System, Human-Computer Interaction
<b>Gyuhyun Kwon</b>
Gyuhyun KwonAssistant Professor
Research Interest :
Value Driven Innovation, Human-Computer Interaction, Organizations for Safety Critical Systems
<b>Eunju Jeong</b>
Eunju JeongAssistant Professor
Research Interest : Music HCI, Test development and validation, Music and neuro-rehabiliation
<b>Jae-Kwan Kim</b>
Jae-Kwan KimAssistant Professor
Research Interest :
Medical Informatics, Virtual Reality, Computational Geometry

Postdoctoral researcher

<b>Hyojin Kang</b>
Hyojin KangPh.D.
Research Interest :
design management/strategy, UX/service design, product/service development
Jieun HanPh.D.
Research Interest :
Healthcare, Virtual Reality


<b>Ahreum Lee</b>
Ahreum LeePh.D. cand
Research Interest :
UX design, Psychophysiology, Design studies
<b>Kyoungwon Seo</b>
Kyoungwon SeoPh.D. cand
Research Interest :
Healthcare, Virtual Reality
<b>Daejung Kim</b>
Daejung KimPh.D. cand
Research Interest :
Patents, Design Patents, TradeMark, Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis
<b>Eunohk Park</b>
Eunohk ParkM.S. cand
Research Interest :
Cinematic arts, Dramatics, Media arts, Cognitive psychology
<b>Haneol Kim</b>
Haneol KimM.S. cand
Research Interest :
Cognitive Work Analysis, Contextual Design, Scenario-based Design
<b>Geonsang Jo</b>
Geonsang JoM.S. cand
Research Interest :
Data Science, Behavioral Economics, STEAM Education, HCI
<b>Gyeongmin Kim</b>
Gyeongmin KimM.S. cand
Research Interest :
interactive exhibit media , UX design, Scenography
<b>Bokyung Yun</b>
Bokyung YunM.S. cand
Research Interest :
Narrative based Virtual Reality, Media Art
<b>Seongjin Kim</b>
Seongjin KimM.S. cand
Research Interest :
UX design, Illustration
<b>Eunjin Jeong</b>
Eunjin JeongM.S. cand
Research Interest :
Cognitive Psychology, Theatre, Motion Graphics, New Media Art, Advertising media
<b>Hanul Jo</b>
Hanul JoM.S. cand
Research Interest :
Audiovisual System, Design for Experience
<b>JinAh Su</b>
JinAh SuM.S. cand
Research Interest :
UX/UI design, Service Design, Cognitive psychology, Spatial design
<b>JaeHyuck Jhang</b>
JaeHyuck JhangM.S. cand
Research Interest :
Cognitive Psychology, UI/UX, Media Art
<b>Bora Kim</b>
Bora KimM.S. cand
Research Interest :
UX/UI Design, Congnitive Psychology, Optimization
<b>Jaeran Choi</b>
Jaeran ChoiB.S. cand
Research Interest :
interaction art, media art, UX Design, Art management and tool


<b>Jisoo Yoo</b>
Jisoo YooAccounting Manager


<b>Jangsun Lee</b>
Jangsun LeeM.S.D
<b>Jeongmin Lee</b>
Jeongmin LeeM.S.D
<b>Hakyoung Song</b>
Hakyoung SongM.S.D
<b>Seunghwan Noh</b>
Seunghwan NohM.S.D
<b>Garam Han</b>
Garam HanM.S.D
<b>Seojeong Jang</b>
Seojeong JangM.S.D

Fellow Research Groups